A Letter from Suriname

Some of the writers of the 2018 World Day of Prayer service.

Some of the writers of the 2018 World Day of Prayer service.


To: The World Day of Prayer Committees

Paramaribo, February 2018


The World Day of Prayer 2018 is soon to be celebrated around the world on Friday the 2nd of March. Suriname as the theme country is very excited and also humbled to be the centre of all your prayers. We enjoy and thank you all for your interest in our country, culture, music, artwork and the service.

It was very beautiful to see and hear about all of your preparations for the different services. The Suriname committee is very proud and enthusiastic as well, and we have also brought this celebration to the attention of our government.

However, along with the enthusiasm to celebrate we must also reflect on the fact that we have to take better care of our environment and of God’s creation. God prepared and created a world for us that was very good. Unfortunately, we did not appreciate what we got as a gift and treated it very poorly. Today we, and also the whole creation, suffer from the damages that we have brought to it mostly because of our greed and strive for comfort and/or convenience.

The earth where we have to live in is suffering. Our rivers, oceans and air are polluted, the ozone layer is damaged, and many countries suffer from terrible disasters such as hurricanes, tsunamis and so on. Even the animals in the rivers and seas get wrapped up in our plastic waste. Beautiful creatures go extinct because we do not care enough to stop hunting them. Many children are born with disabilities because of the pollution in the rivers and the air. In the various visits we brought to the government we also expressed our concern for our environment.

Today and every other day, we, the women of the Suriname World Day of Prayer committee, want and will take a stand to plead for God’s creation. We will confess our shortcomings before God and ask Him to forgive us and to help us be better caretakers of His very good creation.

“All God’s creation is very good”(Genesis 1:31)



Rosana Pindon

Chairperson, Surinaams Comite Wereldgebedsdag

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