AGM Highlights by Rev. Steph McClellan, WICC President

Greetings to you from the desk of the new WICC President!

Moving from one snowy province (Manitoba) to another (Newfoundland), the office of the President changed at the WICC Annual General Meeting (AGM) held on Saturday, October 24, 2020. Serving as the President of WICC is an exciting step as I move from the President-Elect role where I was able to learn the ropes under the tutelage of Diane Dwarka.

I know you will join me in offering deep appreciation to Diane for her commitment to justice issues through her role as WICC President. Her deep faith and commitment to justice shows in action through her enthusiasm in leadership and her tireless advocacy for women and children through WICC, and through other portfolios that inform her WICC work. I am always inspired by her involvement in many committees and boards.  Thank you, Diane, for your dedicated years of service to WICC in various roles. We are pleased that you will continue to be part of the WICC Board for the next year as Past President.

At the AGM, Cathy Reid was elected to the role of President-Elect. Cathy moves to this new position from her previous role of Secretary. We thank her for excellent work preparing minutes and updating the Policy & Procedures Manual. It is a pleasure to serve with Cathy and we welcome her to the new role of President-Elect.

Major Shirley King moves into the role of Secretary. Having joined the Board last year, we have enjoyed her wisdom, her depth of appreciation for World Day of Prayer, her humour and her resourcefulness. We are grateful for her willingness to take on more responsibility by joining the Board executive.

Anita Gittens’ position of Treasurer has been renewed. We are so grateful that she will continue to guide the Board in budgeting and fiscal management. Anita is a perfect example of the complimentary gifts that God has placed within the WICC Board. She can make a spreadsheet tell a story to those of us who hyperventilate when anyone so much as mentions finances.

Nell DeBoer is stepping into the role of Membership and Nominating Chair. We know that she will do a wonderful job of matching Board members to the skills and gifts needed on the Board teams.

The final name and position on the election ballot was the Fellowship of the Least Coin (FLC) Liaison and we gratefully welcome Rev. Lynn Mitchell into that role. She brings a great deal of energy, enthusiasm, wisdom and passion into everything.

Our gratitude extends to Awit Marcelino who has served so passionately in the FLC role and represented Canada at the International meetings. We were so proud when she was elected as Chair of the International Committee for FLC.  Awit continues as a WICC Board member for another year. We always appreciate Awit’s wisdom, thoughtfulness, advocacy and youthful perspective in our discussions.

We also welcomed two new members at this meeting and now we are able to say that the WICC Board has representation from coast to coast. Rev. Jennifer Goddard-Sheppard comes to us from British Columbia and Win Czum is the newly appointed United Church representative.

In welcoming Win, we also recognize the need to say goodbye to Phyllis Buchner. It was a joy to work with Phyllis as she fulfilled her role as the United Church appointee and Membership and Nominating Chair. She led with diligence, grace and humour and we will miss her.

These are all of the positions that changed during the AGM, but there are those who stayed in their positions to fulfill their terms and we are so grateful for their continued commitment to sharing their time and gifts.

Valerie Hobson continues in her role as Team Leader for Marketing and Communication. Mary Nordick remains the Team Leader for World Day of Prayer and Lauren Wilks carries on as our Representative to the World Day of Prayer International Committee.

I am so pleased to be working with such dedicated, competent women across the Board who are devoted to prayer for justice and diligent in using their unique gifts to make this world safer and more just for everyone.

At the AGM, we also passed a responsibly conservative budget in anticipation of a lean year as the world continues to grapple with the influence of COVID-19. The way that we gather for World Day of Prayer in March 2021 will be different, and so we are expanding our delivery platform to help keep people safe and healthy. WICC has also revised how resources will be provided for the Vanuatu service. You will be hearing about these exciting new initiatives through your local WDP Coordinator or you can get information from our website, Facebook page and Instagram.

Thank you for trusting me in this position of leadership. I am honoured and humbled to serve with all of you who are so integral to the mission that we fulfill together as God guides us to restore hope to women touched by injustice!

Blessings in the name of Christ!

Rev. Steph

WICC Board President from Lewisporte, NL


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