Sing all together now!

We commissioned Judith Snowdon, a WICC past president, to compose a hymn to celebrate WICC’s 100th Anniversary. Today, you can hear it and sing with us. If you are planning an event and wish to use the hymn, you can also download the sheet music.

We thank the Pembroke Community Choir, Gerald LaRonde and Darlene TerMarsch for their time and talents.

18 comments on “Sing all together now!

  1. Martin O'Brien on

    A fine composition and presentation. I really enjoyed it as an encapsulation of WICC’s work… but, a question. Did your commissioning arrangement with Judith Snowden allow for full performance rights? Can we, church and public, freely sing the hymn and, if so, where can we find the lyrics and music?

  2. Eleanor Arless on

    Congratulations WICC on the anniversary song. I was blessed to sit on WICC’s Council when Judith Snowden was our esteemed President. We benefitted from her talents at rhe end of the evening with singalongs! ????????????

    • [email protected] on

      Hello, Eleanor!
      We are delighted that you stopped by our site for a visit. We are more aware than ever of the thousands of women who have carried WICC to this 100th Anniversary and the joy many of them continue to share with us.

  3. Jeannie Coleman on

    Excellent composition, love it! Very well sung by the Pembroke Community Choir.
    We will sing it here in Maxville at our World Day of Prayer.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Norma Wrightly on

    Judith is so talented and this song does not disappoint one at all–beautiful, heartfelt words. I, too, sat at WICC when Judith was the president and appreciated all the wisdom and skill she brought with her.
    Is she available for talking engagements?

    • [email protected] on

      Hello, Norma!

      Thanks for connecting with us here and on our Facebook page.

      We will have to leave Judith’s speaking engagements to Judith but we know her song will be sung at WICC 100th Anniversary celebrations. There are two events in our neck of the woods: one here in Toronto and (if you are up for a little more of a drive) one in Pembroke, ON. We hope to be singing along with you ate one of these events.


      The WICC Team


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