These articles originally appeared on WICC’s Facebook page in early June.  It features thoughts shared by three Black mothers who have strong ties to the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada community of ordinary Christians empowering extraordinary justice.  Future editions of We-Connect will feature social justice articles by members of the WICC board.



Last Monday, a dying Black man used his last breath to utter the word “Mama”. Today, Black mamas and Black papas across our country are preparing their children to deal with the systemic racism which exists in Canada.  As members of WICC, we must stand in solidarity with Black Canadians, Indigenous people and people of colour. Injustice, anti-racist actions, and violence must end.

Today, we are encouraged as we see people who are committed to walk the path of love that will destroy racism. The haunting cry for his dead mama will live with me forever.  “There comes a time when silence is betrayal” – Martin Luther King Jr.


Diane Dwarka

WICC President


Racism through My Eyes

As a result of the current situation in the United States of America, the recent death of George Floyd, an American man of African descent who was killed by four police officers, once again, people of African descent must deal with racism at its ugly core, which affects all global citizens.  I would like the community that I am involved with to know how deeply saddened I am.  Having watched the video of Mr. Floyd’s horrific death by police officers who took an oath to serve and protect the citizens of its country.  To know these officers were so blatantly racist and showed no regard of human dignity toward Mr. Floyd is beyond my comprehension.

I am challenging you to take a minute and imagine yourself, or a loved one personally having to endure this kind of hate and torment which has existed for centuries.

Do you know the true history of the Black (African) race?  Do you know the influence Africans have made towards society?    Do you know the true pain of slavery Africans endure then and now?  Challenge yourself to KNOW!  There are numerous avenues, (books, websites, etc.) where you can learn of the true impactful, beautiful and brilliant history of the Black (African) race.

If you feel the pain of the injustice of the black race, then collectively and united, we must act to impact real change. These changes start with you; ask of the Holy Spirit the action he wants you, as an individual, to take.

How can any man or woman of God justify any form of racism (know your silence is tolerance)?     Challenge those around you that make any form of racist remark no matter how uncomfortable you or they may be.  In the eyes of God, we are all equal!  We are our brother’s keeper for we are created in the image and likeness of God.

Racism goes against everything men and women of God must represent. The goodness of God in us must live to affirm the infinite value of all humankind.  As an organization that stands on justice and the belief in prayer, I am asking you to be united in prayer and healing, specifically for:

  1. Healing for families who have lost loved ones, especially black men (young and old) at the hands of police;
  2. Healing that men and women in authority will have compassion and a desire for change.  A willingness to have a conversation to eradicate years of racism and antiquated thinking;
  3. Healing for those who hate behind closed doors; and
  4. Healing that we are reconciled to love our brothers and sisters.

For real change to happen, we must be willing to face our own truth; the battle is an internal one to begin with.  One by one we can eliminate racism, bigotry and all forms of hatred that harm and keep another person feeling down, disrespected and degraded.


Charmaine Llewellyn

WICC Shipping Clerk


Systemic Racism is Real and getting Worse

We’re angry, we’ve been broken, we’re standing in Solidarity and want Liberty and Justice for all. As a Black mother of a son and brother, an aunt of many nephews and cousins, Black Lives Matter in our families.

I grieve and stand with you all. Lord have mercy. Our Black Civil Rights activists and Leaders who have passed are so proud of you all minus the violence that is happening right now during this time of the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic.

Some of the families and names that come to mind who have fought for Justice are Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Nelson Mandela, Elijah Cummings, Harriet Tubman, Rosa Parks, Ella Baker and many others.

As a black mother and woman, I believe we must continue to stand strong in Solidarity for Justice and keep praying without ceasing because this global unrest, racism and violence against our black people must stop.

Justice Matters. Dialogue with black Community Leaders and Elected Officials who have the responsibility to make needed change.


Connie Rose

Past WICC Board Member

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    Well written articles and certainly justified. Thank you WICC for publishing them Trust there will be more.


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