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World Day of Prayer 2023 Important Reminders

February 1, 2023 KIDS, CANADA, GRANTS, TV, PRAY NOW – WE HAVE A LITTLE ABOUT A LOT TO SHARE!!! Coordinators, thank you for taking on a leadership role for WDP!  Your commitment is deeply appreciated.  Please scroll through our World Day of Prayer news below.  There is something for everyone! Exciting NEWS! Our full-length WDP… Read more »

World Day of Prayer 2023 Alternatives to Gathering In-Person

Given that some churches, communities and individuals remain cautious about gathering in person for World Day of Prayer 2023, please consider these options: The 53-minute service video, produced by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, can be watched at home, or via Zoom with others, or via local TV stations. The video can be downloaded… Read more »

Language Options For The World Day Of Prayer 2023 Service

Canada has been a land of immigrants since the first European colonizers of the 16th century: a trend that continues today.  Currently, 300,000 immigrants come to Canada on an annual basis.  According to Statistics Canada (2016), there are over 200  languages spoken in our country. To help spread the news of Ephesians 1 – 15-19… Read more »

Making a Wreath – World Day of Prayer 2023 (Taiwan) – For Kids

Indigenous people in Taiwan are very particular about headwear. It not only represents social status but also has special meanings in their culture. A head wreath is made by twining flowers and leaves into a circle. The circle shows unity and a shared heritage. The meaning of a wreath varies, depending on different occasions. Sometimes… Read more »

What happened to all the Mothers?

Christmas is a dramatic birth story that takes place in the humblest of places-a stable! More than 2000 years later the circumstances for tens of thousands of women around the world have not changed, they are forced to deliver without skilled help, and in unsafe and unhygienic conditions. As a Retired R.N, Midwife (SCM) and… Read more »

WDP 2023 Kids Pray Too!

Attention Parents, Grandparents, Youth Leaders and Children Ministry Coordinators! We are excited to share a special video for kids and kids at heart. It’s a 25-minute service led by, for, and with, young people, and those who love them, across Canada. Content includes songs, a craft, dance, prayers, and stories.  To watch, click on this… Read more »

Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer 2023 Video

Exciting NEWS! Our twenty-four minute Kids Pray Too! video is now available. This video features prayer, messages about World Day of Prayer, a youth host, musical performances from youth choirs and performance groups across Canada, story time with families, craft session, and two performances by Linnea Good (singer-song writer and educator) from BC. Please share… Read more »

World Day of Prayer 2023 Service Available on Video

A 55-minute video of the World Day of Prayer 2023 service, featuring women and men from across Canada, has been created to view at home and in churches.  It is based on the worship bulletin prepared by the women of Taiwan and then presented by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada. The video contents include: Closed… Read more »

Food Insecurity, Cost of Food and Food Banks

As we entered 2023, I looked back at the media reports for 2022 on food insecurity, rising cost of food and the use of food banks.  I found myself saddened to think that a large and increasing number of families could not survive without food banks.  Having just celebrated Advent and Christmas when we hear… Read more »