Change: Old Roots Flourish in New Soil

Always an avid gardener, I was eager to transform the long-neglected property around our “new” 105-year-old home.  Exploration (excavation?!) of the tangled mess of weeds and overgrown vines revealed some unexpected surprises.  As I was removing rocks and miscellaneous pieces of stuff, I discovered some peonies, small and sun-deprived.  I carefully dug them up, and moved them to a sunny spot in the new front garden, re-planting them in good soil, rich with compost.  I wasn’t expecting much for the first season, but to my astonishment and delight these straggly shoots exploded with strong new growth, and the next spring were covered with enormous, frilly, white blooms, with a heady, old-fashioned scent.  These were strong, old peonies, probably planted decades before.  They just needed a change; old roots flourishing in new soil.

For over a century, through the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, Canadian women rooted in faith have striven to empower Christians to pursue justice, peace, and reconciliation – for women and children at home and around the world – by standing together in prayer and action.  Our roots are old and strong.  We want to connect and engage a new generation of Canadian women with this rewarding work but some re-planting is necessary.

Over the past few years so much has changed in terms of how we connect with one another, how we communicate.  We know that there is interest in and passion for issues of justice, peace and reconciliation. We know that WICC has much to offer.  This year, the unexpectedness of COIVD-19 challenged us to explore the potential of technology, which in turn has helped us consider new ways in which we might reach, engage and empower faithful women of all ages.  We are excited about the possibilities of our strong, old, faithful WICC roots flourishing in new soil, enriched with the grace of God who gives the growth.

Lynn Mitchell
September 18th 2020

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