Creating a Flame Lily with Oil Pastels

  1. With a yellow pastel, draw two curves that face each other. Each looks like half an old-fashioned light bulb. These will be the outer petal frameworks.
  2. Draw three more curves (less so) inside of the original two. Two face right.  One faces left.
  3. Using a flat edge of the same yellow pastel, draw five or six connecting drooping raindrops on the outside curves. The higher drops are more slanted while the middle drops are rounder.

Go to Painting Glorisosa Superba in Watercolour, a 6 minutes YouTube video, for visual demonstrations of the remaining steps.

4. Draw four or five drops on both sides of the interior curves. These should get smaller as they get closer to the bottom.

5. Extend each stem downward into vertical points (sepals). Colour these stems green.

6. Attach two green triangles below the green cluster of vertical points.

7. With a green edge, draw six, thin, flattish cup shapes that leave the base of the flower. Three on the left. Three on the right.  These are the filaments.

8. At the end of each filament, draw two yellow ovals.  These are the anthers.

9. From the green triangle on the right, draw a green line stem the goes straight down, and then veers off to the right. At the end, add three tiny “fingers”.

10. Draw a green line that looks like half a piece of bread … curving as if its coming from behind the stem.

11. From the base of this curve, draw a line the curves up to the right, and then bends over. At the end of this curve, colour in a green bud in the shape of a rounded heart.

12. With the flat of a green pastel, draw a leaf that rises from the base of the stem. Narrow at first, then quicken widens before narrowing, and curving over at the top. Include a small spiral at the tip.

13. Create another leaf at the bottom left. It should be a shorter, wider version of the first.  Both look like seahorses.

14. Darken the interior half of each leaf.

15. Add in a sixth yellow petal to the right of the outer left petal.

16. Colour 2/3 of each outer yellow petal red. The red should be on the inside – keep a yellow outer border.  The yellow section should be wider at the bottom than the top.

17. Create a red inner section inside each yellow petal. Leave a yellow shell. One half of the red is darker than the other.

18. Make sure that each petal peak is red.

19. Blend the pastels lightly with a rubbing alcohol pad.


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