Creative Ideas for World Day of Prayer 2020

The theme of WDP 2020 is “Rise! Take your mat and walk”.

Looking for a way to present the message in a creative way? Here are some ideas to help you start planning. The three key DNA aspects of any World Day of Prayer event include:

  1. prayer for the women of Zimbabwe (host writing country),
  2. invitations for other churches to join the service (ecumenical),
  3. opportunity to donate (participate in taking action to restore hope to women touched by injustice).


Groups across Canada are considering the following to build on the 2020 WDP theme:

  1. The creation of mats using paper weaving, yarns and small looms and recycled cloth. In one city, a tentative plan is in place to provide mats for homeless individuals during the winter months.
  2. A group exercise dance event featuring Zimbabwean music. Choreography will be taught throughout a one-hour session.  Participants will pay a fee that includes a donation to the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada for grant projects.
  3. It can perfectly align with the service theme.  Again, participants will pay a fee to be part of this mindful activity that includes a donation to WICC to pay for WDP materials and grant opportunities throughout the world.
  4. Paint café. Instructions are being prepared for another paint café in Bolsover, ON.  Participants will create a beautiful flame lily in honour of Zimbabwe.
  5. Cooking sessions. Groups may prepare a meatless stew together.  Perfect for cold winter nights in Canada.
  6. Your community may want to invite a guest speaker or a panel of guest speakers that can give direction on how to combat a certain form of social injustice.



2019 Bolsover Paint Café: Fifteen women gathered to pray, learn about Slovenia and paint. A donation to WDP as included in the registration cost.





Mobilize Against Human Trafficking in York Region: Planning team organized a presentation by a panel of expert speakers which inspired plans for anti-trafficking actions by break-out group participants.

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