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I have always said that I love change – it is the transition I don’t like. Well, this is 2020 and COVID has moved us unwittingly and unwillingly, at times, through many transitions to new opportunities. It has put WICC on the fast track a few years ahead of schedule to the on-line presence that we have had as a long-term goal for the organization.

As we learn to work from virtual/home offices across this country, both staff, board members and World Day of Prayer co-ordinators alike, I have been so impressed at the level of technological expertise grandparents are mastering out of pure love and desire to stay connected to grandchildren when real hugs are delayed. Others have ventured into the unknowns of cyberspace in order to keep themselves active in their churches, justice/advocacy and volunteer commitments.

You may be in the discouragement stage of the transition process as you seek to learn new ways to access the documents and videos for World Day of Prayer 2021. Or you may be in the rejoicing stage as you recognize the limitless possibilities of reaching out to younger generations of faithful pray-ers who are more comfortable online than in-person.

Since COVID sped us through the traditional to the unconventional ways of delivering resources and drawing us together in prayer, we also recognize that the new way of doing things will allow us to be much more cost effective, so that we can have more money to meet our responsibilities as a grant giving, life-affirming, justice-making and prayer-filled ministry.

There will be bumps along the way as we transition to new ways, but if we rely on the supports in place, we will be able to reach new levels of change and continue to offer life-changing justice and hope for women and children touched by injustice. And that is the change that we all want to be part of.

As the Church seasons change and we enter the time of waiting again for the coming of Jesus, the Christ child, may you be blessed with the dawning of light that pierces the darkness; where hope is born anew and where peace descends out of the loving, humble, heart of God-with-us, Emmanuel! The child that makes everything old, new again!

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


WICC President

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