Download Blues …? No MORE!

WDP videos can be downloaded for FREE with “no tears”.

Step 1. Copy and paste the following link into your browser (or click on it):

Step 2The link will open a Dropbox window and you will see two file previews.   (You don’t need a Dropbox account.)

Step 3.  Click on the Video file you wish to download: WDP 2020 Devotional and/or WDP 2020 Zimbabwe Video 720 Resolution.  

Step 4.  At the top of this screen, select “_↓_” or click on “download”,  then select “direct download”. You may also need to select “Save” (at the bottom of your screen).  Note: each download can take up to five minutes.

Step 5. Depending on your computer, there are several options at this point.

A. For Mac and some PC users, go to your Download files, and your video will be there.  You can choose to rename it or move it into another file area.

B.  Sometimes after downloading, you will now be asked (at the bottom of the screen) what you want to do with this file.  Click on the up arrow to the right of Save.  Choose  “Save as” and the location to save.

C. On other computers, you click on the up arrow, then open, and then save.

(Isn’t it great to have choices in life!?)

Step 6Go to your saved downloads/files, and your video will be READY to play.

Step 7.  Repeat this procedure with each video that you wish to save.
Step 8Sit back and enjoy a cup of tea.

Need a bit more help?  Contact WICC Field Rep. Cathy Tubb – [email protected]

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