Fellowship of the Least Coin: April 2018 Prayer Concern

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Mental Health

Mental health is complex and, often, misunderstood. In the Bible, we find archaic language and understanding about diseases and illnesses we can now explain through a more medical and scientific approach. But if we look at the healing stories in the Gospels, we see some of the complexity of relationships touched by mental health concerns.

  • Look for the parents who brought their children to Jesus for healing.
    Pray for mothers who hide behind locked doors for safety because some people who care for children with mental health issues can be subjected to violent outbursts.
  • Look for the outcasts and untouchables from a fearful society.
    Pray for those women and girls who are excluded, lonely, depressed, suicidal, and who have too few resources for help.
  • Look for the gratitude in the ones who have been healed.
    Pray for those mental health care workers who seek to offer Jesus’ loving care and compassion for the healing of bodies, hearts, and minds.
    Where we tend to hang back because of societal stigma, Jesus launched into service. Where we offer help from a distance, Jesus came near—to touch, hold and heal. Jesus spread unconditional love and drove out the demons of fear, isolation, worthlessness and broken relationships. Pray that we who follow Christ’s example may live his radical compassion.

Stephanie McClellan, Lewisporte, NL.
WICC Council Member

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  1. Marion Logan on

    Several years ago, as a member of the WICC, I hosted Shanti Solomon in my home in Cambridge, On.She was the founder of The Fellowship of the Least Coin – FLC. An amazing, humble woman of India. I am so pleased that the FLC still exists.


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