Fellowship of Least Coin story by Mary Nordick

“Suffer the Little Children”

 Children and FLC

In Luke 18: 15-17 Jesus says “Suffer the little children to come to me”.

Jesus loved children, drew them to Him, and taught His disciples about the Kingdom through them.  Sadly, many children throughout our world, the little ones beloved of Christ, suffer greatly.  They ache from the effects of war, abandonment, poverty, family violence, gender bias, child labour, natural disasters, disease, human trafficking, and from the lack of safe water, food, shelter, health care, education, and love.

The founder of the Fellowship of the Least Coin envisioned a world where women and children could live in peace, free from violence.  Her message resonates with children and they can quickly grasp the significance of the least coin.  Children can help children.

As grandparents, one of the greatest gifts we can give our grandchildren is to introduce them to FLC.  Tell them the story, set up a prayer jar, and join them in prayer and offering as I have done with my grandchildren.  It is heartwarming to hear their clear little voices raised in prayer, see their tiny hands dropping in their offerings, and watch their serious, intent faces as they consider and talk about less fortunate children.  I encourage them to use nickels that they have earned.

Another idea might be to give each child a personal prayer jar on his or her birthday to use for personal prayer, in addition to the family communal prayer jar.  When it comes to donating the fruits of the prayer jar, tech savvy grandchildren may be able to help us grandparents submit donations on line, a most effective way to donate.

The blessings of introducing grandchildren to FLC are threefold: one, learning and praying for others; two, learning about almsgiving, even the littlest giver and amount count; and three, continuing the mission of FLC through a new generation.

Mary Nordick

WICC Board and FLC Committee

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  1. Shirley DeMerchant on

    Hi Mary,
    Thanks for your inspiring article. Many older women are discouraged about FLC groups closing down but you are inspiring women to pass the vision on to another generation! Thanks for sharing such practical ideas.


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