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In my family, there are several great cooks. My dad, older brother, and younger sister love to cook and bake – trying out new recipes and creating their own. They make the best sinigang (Filipino tamarind stew), spaghetti, and Sans Rival cake. As a teenager, I happily washed dishes so that they could prepare these delicious meals. To this day, I prefer dishwashing to cooking. However, now that I have moved away from home and have to fix my own meals, I am starting to love cooking too! My culinary knowledge continues to expand as my fiancé is Indian, and my future mother-in-law makes the best yellow dal (lentil) stew. My pantry now has a joyous mix of Filipino and Indian foods and ingredients as my fiancé and I try to learn each other’s family recipes.


With an endless supply of yellow lentils, I’m keeping a small jar just for prayers. Each night, when I pray for peace, justice, and reconciliation in our world, I put one lentil in the jar as a token. One prayer, one lentil. Then, at the end of the year, I will count all the lentils, multiply the total by $0.05 (the value of our least coin), and make an online donation for the Fellowship of the Least Coin through WICC’s website.


My jar of lentils is a visible, tangible reminder of the power of prayer and sisterhood. Every year, the prayers and least coins of Christian women from different countries and from all socioeconomic statuses support projects that advocate for peace and empower women and girls. Last year, our prayers and least coins sponsored a training program for Korean women to become peacebuilders for unification and funded an education program for Syrian refugee girls.


What can your hunger for peace do in 2020?


Awit Marcelino

WICC ICFLC Representative

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  1. Patricia Baker on

    Awit, I loved to read your article. I remember meeting you at Oak Table when you brought youth to prepare and serve a meal when I was minister there. Blessings to you as your life unfolds. I continue to be part of the Winnipeg WICC group.


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