Fellowship of the Least Coin In-Gathering Service for 2021

The International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC) has prepared an In-Gathering Service for 2021. Organizers can modify or choose different hymns, scriptures, and ways of connecting and presenting the material (e.g., dramatization, message, testimonial, small group discussions). For a service copy, go to:

The In-Gathering Service is published and distributed every fall. However, regional ecumenical partners, denominational partners, local congregations, and women’s groups can host In-Gathering Services at any time that suits them.

Please note that during the pandemic, we encourage groups to follow the latest health guidelines of their region to ensure everyone’s safety. As such, services may prohibit singing or large groups, may require social distancing and wearing masks, and may need to be held online or outdoors. May God’s spirit of creativity and compassion flow to and through you in this unprecedented time.

 The ICFLC greatly appreciates your feedback on the In-Gathering Service as well as personal anecdotes, stories, and photos of your worship services — email [email protected] to share your experience!

Please send your FLC offerings through your regional ecumenical organization:

Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada

Thank you for your prayers, generosity, and leadership in the FLC movement!

Note: The Circle of Prayer for 2020 and 2021 (Volume 25) was not printed by ICFLC – you can find it at https://wicc.org/wp-content/uploads/FLC-Circle-of-Prayer-v25-1.pdf

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