Fellowship of the Least Coin Story – Healing the Body, Healing the World

This is my story of how a rather recent health concern established a daily focus for Fellowship of the Least Coin.

As a four-needle-a-day diabetic, I am very aware of my contribution to the plastic problem in our current convenience-oriented society. While we have all been trying to reduce our footprint in creation in small ways like using reusable bags for groceries, I have noticed the accumulation of waste that builds when I take and monitor my insulin and blood sugars.

I have a plastic bin for the proper storage and safe disposal of my needles and sensors. The packaging that comes with the monitoring system I use is five times the size of the monitor itself and made of hard, non-recyclable plastic. I cannot sustain my body without these injections, so there is very little I can do to reduce the medical plastic that I put into the environment. And so, I offer a prayer for the healing of the world as I contribute to the restoration of my body.

These take place before each meal while I wait the required 20 seconds between insulin administration and needle removal. I pick an environmental prayer focus from different parts of the world each day and offer a quick prayer. At the end of the day, then, I have prayed four times for Creation;  including the physical environment and all created beings that experience brokenness and injustice.

Counting up my plastic pieces each evening, I offer my “least coin”.   Through Fellowship of the Least Coin, we contribute to the funding of grants that offer environmental justice and healing of brokenness in human relationships with the earth and with each other. Offering my least coin helps to heal the places where our world is broken.


Rev. Steph McClellan – WICC President-Elect

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