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Check here to see if there are any events soon in your area! Television Options for World Day of Prayer Service. NATIONAL World Day of Prayer 2022 Virtual Zoom Service. World Day of Prayer NOW.

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Pray Now

Pray Now #5 - Personal Reflections on the Pandemic: Loss & Lessons, Prayer & Praise, is our most personal Pray Now video so far. Panelists Cath MacKeil, Valerie Hobson, Jennifer Goddard-Sheppard and Shirley DeMerchant share how the pandemic has impacted them personally as well as WICC. There have been many surprises! God has been at work in ways we couldn't have imagined. Questions for personal reflection or group discussion are included at the end of the video to help you consider ways God has been working in your circumstance. We think you will be encouraged and inspired through these testimonies.

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Social Justice / Learning Events with WICC

Social Justice / Learning Events

To attend or plan a traditional WDP service, click on "World Day of Prayer" on the navigation bar! You will join millions of other participants worldwide. You can also adapt the WDP materials to a more interactive style. Read on for examples and tips.

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WIC Groups

Join or start a Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada group in your City or Region.

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Job Postings

Are there any current job openings? Click to find out.

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Volunteer Postings

Do you have what it takes to be a Board member? Are there any other current opportunities to assist with WICC's vision?

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