Grant Stories

Crisis Pregnancy Centre

Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Brandon, Manitoba sought cribs, strollers and car seats for its clients. There is more to this project than just buying supplies.

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: Awakening

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $2,000

Many expectant moms living in the Crisis Pregnancy Centre transitional housing in Brandon, Manitoba struggle with a very limited income and challenging life issues. The costs for items such as cribs and car seats are overwhelming for these women and they can become discouraged.

For many of the residents and clients, a stroller is their main means of transporting their child around the city and to appointments. Strollers also encourage a healthy lifestyle. One young mother enjoys jogging so she and her daughter received a jogging stroller. This mother loves her stroller and she knows her baby is safe and happy as they are out and about.

These gifts of strollers, car seats and cribs are not just needed items. They strengthen the new mothers’ sense of well-being and give them hope for the future. The material support offers a daily reminder to these women that they are surrounded by the encouragement, recognition and support of concerned and caring people.