Grant Stories

NorthWind Family Ministries

LifeBuild Restoration for Indigenous Women

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: Awakening

Year of Grant: 2019-2020

Grant Amount: $2,000

A 2020 WDP grant helped support six weeks of the Women Restored program. The participants came from broken family situations, abusive relationships, and paths of addictions, which left markings on their physical bodies along with their mental, emotional, and spiritual beings. These women boldly told their stories through their beautiful and courageous vulnerability. They shared their stories through activities, which allowed them to express themselves verbally and artistically. They expressed that they felt safe with each other and with the coaches. These women chose to show up to these sessions; they were willing to learn, hungry for community connection and desiring to be affirmed and accepted just as they were. These women were also fighting for their sobriety every single day.