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Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran Group

Two denominations, one idea: provide house-warming baskets for women leaving a local halfway house. To ease an often-difficult transition from incarceration into the community, fifteen women leaving halfway houses in Thunder Bay received house-warming baskets.

House-warming baskets for women

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $2,000

When you have nothing, life can be very hard. The added pressure of adjusting to life outside a correctional institution only adds to the challenge.

Offering welcome and aid to women transitioning into the community after incarceration was a good project for the Anglican and Evangelical Lutheran group, which often works on issues of poverty. The John Howard Society had provided them with a list of items that should go in the in the basket, which was actually a laundry basket. The group also added a few extra items which they felt were necessary items: laundry soap, dryer sheets, garbage bags, comb, hairbrush, hair elastics, bath towel, hand towel, facecloths, dish clothes, dish towels, shower curtain with hooks, crew socks, dishwashing soap, hand soap, body wash and bar soap, a $50.00 gift certificate to buy feminine hygiene products, and either a toaster, coffee pot, or kettle.

Even though they will never know who received the baskets due to confidentiality issues, the group does know they were needed and distributed immediately by the John Howard Society.