Grant Stories

ARISE Ministry

ARISE Ministry helps sex trade workers reclaim their lives through outreach, case management, and spiritual care. The approach includes 16 weeks of goal orientation and program incentives, 1 hour/week of individual case management, and 4 hours/week working on goals. Most ARISE Ministry clients are female.

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2018-2019

Grant Amount: $2,500

Reducing Risks for VULNERABLE STREET YOUTH, and Prevention and Empowerment Program for Women Involved in the Sex Trade and Vulnerable Youth

In 2018, ARISE Ministry, Toronto, ON partnered with a youth group home to support young people who had experienced sexual exploitation and/or are at high risk of street involvement.

Case managers and peer support workers met individually with 41 vulnerable, CSA protected youth both individually and through group skill set sessions. This management approach improved self-sufficiency including school reenrolment, employment, family reconnection, safe housing attainment, and justice seeking against perpetrators.