Grant Stories

SOS Women: Economic support for Women with Albinism

Women with albinism in the Ruzizi plain of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are socially and economically very marginalized. A project by SOSFEC (SOS Femmes, Enfant en Catastrophe/ Women and Children in Disaster) aimed to help these women develop income-generating activities.

Quick Facts

Country: The Democratic Republic of Congo

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $4,200

Before they could even attend training, the women needed products to protect their skin from the sun. Once at the training, the women learned about savings cooperatives, how to establish community credit funds, and how to manage a micro project. The program by SOS Women-Child also included HIV/AIDS awareness.

Twenty women organized themselves into four groups. Each group managed its own savings and credit. Meeting other women with albinism eased their sense of isolation and raised their confidence.

Of the 20 participants, 17 reported that the project significantly improved their social and economic situation in their homes and communities. Before the project, only 20% of the children of these women could attend school. After the project, that number has increased to 70%.