Grant Stories

Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre

The Sarah Program, which supports victims of sexual assault in rural communities in eastern Manitoba, was able to train volunteer and service providers in order to expand and promote its services to more communities.

Quick Facts

Country: Canada

Grant Program: World Day of Prayer

Year of Grant: 2017-2018

Grant Amount: $5,000

The SARAH program provides sexual assault crisis intervention services, hospital accompaniment and support, follow-up support, and referrals to regional service providers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Grant money from WICC helped Survivor’s Hope Crisis Centre achieve five goals:

  1. The regional Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention Protocol was updated.
  2. Regional service providers and community members were educated on the issue of sexual assault and SARAH Program services using newspaper articles, employee newsletters, Facebook pages, posters, pamphlets, radio interview, as well as meetings and e-mails with individual service providers.
  3. A group of sexual assault crisis intervention workers were trained to support victims of sexual assault. (Six trainees completed forty hours of SARAH training at six training sites.)
  4.  Hospital ER staff and RCMP officers were trained to work as members of the Sexual Assault Response Team. The training included graphs and flowcharts put up in staff lunchrooms at the Selkirk ER and RCMP detachment.
  5. Sexual assault crisis intervention services were expanded in their community.