Introducing Our New World Day of Prayer Field Reps

We have a vision to restore hope to women touched by injustice. In this shared quest for justice, the World Day of Prayer (WDP) plays an important part, bringing Christians together, encouraging women in leadership and raising their concerns.

The role of a WDP Field Rep is to strengthen and grow this ministry. They stimulate this growth by giving support where the WDP already active, and by encouraging the participation of individuals and Christian churches that are not yet involved in this ministry. Each field rep is responsible for a geographic area:

Janet MacFadyen:

  • Southern Ontario, including Toronto.

Cathy Tubb:

  • Western Ontario;
  • Manitoba;
  • Southern Saskatchewan, including Regina.

Linda Ervin:

  • Northern Saskatchewan;
  • Alberta;
  • British Columbia;
  • Yukon Territory.

This is an exciting year because many of the resources needed for a WDP service can be downloaded for free.  Our field reps can provide training by phone as needed, including transition to online WDP supply orders, use of downloadable materials, and submitting remittances online. They will also be contacting those who were identified as World Day of Prayer coordinators who have missed a service or have not ordered supplies by January.

If you have a field rep assigned to your area, let her know if you need help making a list of the churches to invite in your area or some suggestions for recruiting new volunteers to help on your WDP planning team. Whether you are working within a traditional worship service format or wanting to try a different approach, let them be sounding boards for your ideas for your WDP event. if you are not sure which field rep to contact, please contact the WICC office. We are always happy to hear from you!

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