Keeping Good Habits Post-Lockdown

The coronavirus pandemic has changed some daily rituals, for better or worse, allowing new ones to emerge and take their place.  Sleep schedules may be more in accordance with our body’s optimal schedule.  Church services are taking place via ZOOM, YouTube, and parking lot drive-ins with free FM radio transmission so people can stay in their vehicles. The number of sourdough starters in Canadian homes has peaked.

While life changes can be stressful because of uncertainty, we may also feel freed up to practice new behaviours without interference from established cues.  Discontinuity causes us to think and embrace new opportunities.

WICC is taking note of what is working for people, and what is not.  To nurture increasing comfort with online communities and sharing of information technically, we are examining ways to incorporate these into World Day of Prayer (WDP) services and celebration.  An online service that is available to all via the internet or a computer memory stick may provide a way to celebrate WDP while maintaining any social distancing measures in effect in March of 2021. As well, such an online service may meet a need for those unable to attend in person during harsh winter weather or because they are physically not able.

WICC is mindful that our 2020 WDP evaluations were very positive.  Therefore, we proceed thoughtfully, and with much prayer, through these times of change as resources are developed to suit a variety of needs while encouraging a common trend to reduce paper products, increase online resources and engage new participants. Stay tuned to the WICC website for other new online event opportunities coming this fall.

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