Kids Pray, Too! World Day of Prayer 2021

By Rev. Steph McClellan, WICC President, living in Lewisporte, NF

Every year, the World Day of Prayer writing country includes a children’s program in the package for coordinators and planning teams. This year, since many were going virtual with our online service, a colleague and I decided to coordinate a virtual service led by and aimed at children and youth.

It is a well-known fact in Children and Youth Ministry that young people stay involved in the church and get excited by their participation because they know that they are part of something bigger. Years ago, I ran a youth group in Vancouver, BC. One afternoon, the group chose a spokesperson and came to me with a solution to a problem we were having with budgeting.

We had funding for our Friday night youth group and out of it we purchased supplies and snacks. We also had a program in which the youth, I, and some qualified adults, met in the kitchen at the church once a month to make a meal for 80 homeless folks in the Downtown Eastside. The problem was that we were running out of money for the groceries and would have to shut down that program.

The youth group decided that they would take all the programming money for Friday Night youth group and use it for this Meal Program. The spokesperson made it clear that “the church will never have enough money to entertain us like the world can, but we come to be part of this program because we want to be part of part of the bigger plan God has for us!”

That truth has never left me and it reveals itself again and again in every new generation of kids and youth that stay with the church because of God’s bigger vision and purpose for our lives together.

In that truth, Catherine Stuart, Regional Minister for Children, Youth and Young Adults for the Atlantic Regions of The United Church of Canada and I decided to draw together Youth and Children Leaders and youth and children to lead us as we pray for Vanuatu this year.

We hope you are inspired and enjoy this service offered by the representative leaders in different age groups and from different provinces across Canada – all part of God’s greater vision of restoring hope to women and children touched by injustice!

Kids Pray, Too! and we invite you to pray with us for we are all children of God and children at heart!

Look for the link on the WICC Facebook page and in by mid-May!

Praying in Solidarity for Peace!



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  1. Alfreda Rupert on

    What a great idea for our youth. I can’t wait to view the program later in the month.
    In the Belleville area we did our service on YouTube and it was well received by our regular attendees and by several new comers.


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