Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer Service

A Message from Rev. Steph McClellan, WICC Board President

Dear Praying Sisters,

I am so excited to be able to share a project of my heart. A friend, Rev. Catherine Stuart, and I worked together to create Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer Service, available via YouTube.

It is a service led by, for and with young people and those who love them across Canada. Since WDP went virtual, we thought it created a nice opportunity to celebrate virtually, with kids, as well. Link:

Content includes songs, prayers, craft, cooking in the kitchen, children’s story, intro to Vanuatu, and questions to ponder.  A detailed index to the link content is below.

Please enjoy this gift and feel free to promote it where you see fit: summer Bible camps, Sunday School, as a template for 2022 services for kids and much, much more!

Though far from perfect, it is perfectly joyful!

We hope you love it!


PS – Please submit the name of your WDP 2022 coordinator, and email address, if not already sent to [email protected].


A note on closed captions: YouTube automatically generates closed captioning.  On Kids Pray Too!, there are a number of related errors including lack of capitalization and a few misspelled words. Press the cc button if you would like to turn off the text commentary.


LINK to Kids Pray Too!  World Day of Prayer Service:

Content Index for Kids Pray Too! World Day of Prayer Service


0:00:00         Introduction (Song: Build Your House on the Rock)

0:00:24         Supplies needed for Peace Flower craft activity

0:00:31         Supplies needed for Chocolate Coconut Mug Cake

1:11             Welcome and Candle-lighting with Rev. Steph

2:19             Introduction to Vanuatu (Rev. Steph)

5:15             Craft activity: Make a peace flower

6:56             Making chocolate coconut mug cake with Cassidy, Preston & Kyle

11:39            Song: I Am the Church led by Chloe Gale

13:30            Song: Halle Halle Halle – signed by the Lewisporte Sunday School

13:54            Rev. Steph introduces prayer

14:40            Prayer with Rev. Bonnie (with Sign Language)

16:37            The Lord’s Prayer with Jayden and Tara

17:33            Song: Built Upon the Rock – written & performed by Linnea Good

19:38            Reflection with Rev Steph

23:11            Questions to Pause and Ponder

23:55            Song: Like a Rock – with Linnea Good & Kerri Wehlander

27:22            Offering

28:22            Mary, Duncan, Elliott and Kate talks about how the WDP offerings are used

31:33            Stephanie introduces Rev. Catherine

31:57            Prayer with Rev. Catherine

33:35            Song: Build Your House on the Rock – performed by Rev. Catherine

34:48            Rev. Steph: Benediction/Dismissal

35:45            Song: When you Walk from Here – performed by Lydia

37:33            Closing credits (Song: I am the Church)

39.11            Closing comments and review of reflection questions with Rev. Steph

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