Legacy Donation

We are grateful to the late Maureen Ryan for leaving a very generous bequest to the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) in her last will and testament.


“Maureen spent a great deal of her life helping people and organizations that she believed in.  She made sure that her generosity in this respect continued on after her passing,” her brother Norman Ryan, told us on behalf of the Ryan family.

Jane Austen


Maureen had a life-long professional career at the D.B. Weldon Library – University of Western Ontario.  She had many passions and friends that enriched her life.  Community activities included attending Colborne Street United Church in London, literacy tutoring, supporting the Jane Austin Society of North America and Tai Chi classes.  Maureen was a remarkable woman whose calmness and bravery was a great help to her family in dealing with her short battle against cancer.  Maureen passed away on July 21, 2018.


A legacy donation requires careful thought and planning and will outlive our own life. It is a testimony to others about what is important to us.  It is part of leaving a legacy and impacting future generations.


Gifts such as Maureen’s are encouraging as WICC seeks to live out God’s command to seek justice (Isaiah 1:17) by addressing issues in Canada and abroad that affect women. The task is too great for us to accomplish on our own. We need partners—people like Maureen—whose generosity makes it possible for us to respond to those who cry out for fair play.


We know that we are changing lives and want to share the impact of our ministry. Watch for Canadian and international grant stories shared online via our We-Connect newsletter (sign up at www.wicc.org) or Facebook or wicc.org.


Would you consider putting a memorial donation to WICC in your will as we continue to work and pray together for justice and healing in our communities and our world? Might you request that family and friends donate to WICC in lieu of flowers for a funeral?


Thank you for considering these suggestions.  Please email [email protected] or call 416.929.5184 if you have any questions about leaving a legacy donation to WICC, and how it can be used.


Blessings to all.

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