NEW! Restorative Justice Podcast

Far too many women are caught in the web of violence. We want to end the reality of women being abused by their partners, and we want women and children to live without the fear of being sexually assaulted or abused. Restore: Ending Violence Against Women is a free online resource is designed to provide helpful information about abuse and how to respond to it in our lives, communities and churches.

WICC has continually supported grassroots organizations fighting violence against women through prayer, grants and resources. In 2018, “Healing Waters” was updated and converted into this digital resource.  Now called “Restore”, it is directly aligned with WICC’s mission to “bring hope to women touched by injustice”. We hope you find the information and resources to be helpful.

We are now launching an introductory podcast to help you explore the content of the Restore online resource. Together we can understand and act against violence.

Special thanks to Carol Pennor, the project coordinator. Carol is an assistant professor of practical theology at Conrad Grebel University College in Waterloo, ON. Carol completed her doctoral studies at the University of St. Michael’s College, where she focused her teaching and research on feminist theology and violence against women.

Click here for Podcast video!

2 comments on “NEW! Restorative Justice Podcast

  1. Valerie Hobson on

    Cath and Carol,
    Thank-you! Your explanation of the Restore resource was so informative and instructional on ‘how to’ draw on this important resource for healing in many ways. It will be instrumental in fostering dialogue about abuse against women.

  2. Bonnie Weppler on

    Oh wow, this looks like a great resource. Thanks for all the work you did to pull all of these sections and ideas and stories together. I will post it on The Church Council on Justice and Correction’s Facebook page next week. Blessings to you both!


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