One-Hour World Day of Prayer Service Available on Video

Available here after February 15, 2021.  A one hour World Day of Prayer service video has been created to view at home and churches.  It is based on the worship bulletin prepared by the women of Vanuatu and then edited by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.

The video contents include:

  1.  Closed captioning in English for all speaking and singing content.
  2.  A message from the Vanuatu WDP Committee secretary.
  3.  A devotional message from Major Shirley King.
  4.  Background content on Vanuatu.
  5.  All the prayers, stories from Vanuatu women and Bible study from the 2021 service booklet. Some prayers and scripture are offered in both French and English.
  6.  Three hymns performed by a wonderful choir.
  7.  A children’s story.
  8.  A liturgical dance performed on the shores of New Brunswick.
  9.  An opportunity to reflect.
  10.  An opportunity to donate.
  11.  Pictures from past WDP services and celebrations across Canada.

For a two minute demo of the full-length video, and further information on obtaining a copy, please click on


Copyright Information for Video

Material on this video is protected by copyright.   You are not allowed to post the video online.

  • Do not post the video on your church website
  • Do not post the video on Facebook or YouTube

You may use the video in a videoconference (e.g., Zoom meeting)
You may show the video in a church/auditorium setting (provided COVID-19 protocols are followed)


Format                 Date available              Internet required              Steps required

YouTube           February 15, 2021                Yes                     A link to the video will be on the                                                                                                                      website

Download        February 15, 2021                 Yes                    On the website
·       Log in as WDP coordinator
·       Download the video

USB stick         Mailed out in mid-January.   No               Can be used in a USB drive in a
·       Projector
·       Newer TV monitor
·       Desktop computer
·       Laptop computer

Place your order now. ($15)

DVD              Mailed out in mid-January.     No                          To be viewed on a DVD player

Place your order now. ($20)


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