One-Hour World Day of Prayer Service Available on Video

Click here for the Bilingual Service Booklet.

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This one hour World Day of Prayer service video has been created to view at home and in churches.  It is based on the worship bulletin prepared by the women of Vanuatu and then edited by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada.

The video contents include:

  1.  Closed captioning in English for all speaking and singing content.
  2.  A message from the Vanuatu WDP Committee secretary.
  3.  A devotional message from Major Shirley King.
  4.  Background content on Vanuatu.
  5.  All the prayers, stories from Vanuatu women and Bible study from the 2021 service booklet. Some prayers and scripture are offered in both French and English.
  6.  Three hymns performed by a wonderful choir.
  7.  A children’s story.
  8.  A liturgical dance performed on the shores of New Brunswick.
  9.  An opportunity to reflect.
  10.  An opportunity to donate.
  11.  Pictures from past WDP services and celebrations across Canada.


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Format                 Date available              Internet required              Steps required

YouTube           February 15, 2021                Yes                     A link to the video will be on the                                                                                                                      website

Download        February 15, 2021                 Yes                    On the website
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USB stick         Now until Sept 30, 2021      No               Can be used in a USB drive in a
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10 comments on “One-Hour World Day of Prayer Service Available on Video

    • Barbara Lawrence on

      I thoroughly enjoyed the World Day of Prayer Service. It was great to meet some of the people who serve on WICC. The music was lovely as were all the pictures! I have always attended the World Day of Prayer Service and have served on our local planning committee when my Parish has been the host church. Thank you to everyone for putting together a beautiful service. I will keep the people of Vanuatu in my prayers.

      God bless you all.

  1. Judy Michel on

    World Day of Prayer has been meaningful to me for many reasons:
    1) it connects me with my Mom and the WICC work she was involved with and services we attended together
    2) the fact that it is celebrated Canada wide has provided me with the opportunity to worship in/participate in planning with/learn about congregations in the various communities/provinces we have lived in
    3) it is an opportunity each year to get to know the neighbouring congregations in our own home areas
    4) has provided an opportunity for diversity within our communities
    The program this year is “the same but different”! The basic nature of the program feels familiar, however, somehow, I felt a much more direct feeling of connection to presenters, host country issues, variety in worship programming.
    I appreciated that captioning was provided throughout the video –
    Thank you for this hour of reflection in a turbulent time.

  2. Carol Adeney on

    Thank you so much. Well remember last year’s WWDP, the last meeting before lockdown here in Munich. This year so poignant – really being connected to worldwide groups. A lovely service. Thank you, all participants.

  3. Bev Sawyer on

    This is a beautiful, meaningful service. It spoke for the people of Vanuatu, our shared struggles and concerns and for me: “The most personal is also the most universal.”
    I think we should have a service online every year for the world to be together in, as well as in our own communities, so we can be together with our neighbours.

  4. Mrs. Bernadine Lutes on

    Well done. Since 1974 I have attended World Day of Prayer and always enjoyed meeting and working with Christian’s from the other Churches in my town each year. I was so disappointed that this year we could not meet. We spread the word about the web site andI hope some will watch it. It was very well done and glad to see Christian’s from different provinces come together to make a great informative event.
    Thanks again Mrs. Bernadine Lutes from St. Stephen R.C. Church in Cayuga, Ontario.

  5. Barbara Burleigh on

    Just finished watching the video, congratulations to all involved. it is very well done, presented and hats off to organizers, readers, speakers, musicians and of course to the folks from the host Island. thank you for making this available since there is no in person gatherings. Appreciate the hard work, wonderful,

  6. Ann Raper on

    Just watched this beautiful service and was moved by the message and the stories. I have been involved with services here in Fredericton for many years and did miss having one this year. Your video made me aware of how valuable World Day of Prayer and WIIC are in this trouble world.


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