Prayer Ideas for Children – World Day of Prayer 2022

One or more of these ideas can be used to share children’s prayers:

  • PRAISE: Use a sheet or length of fabric as a `parachute’. All the children hold an edge of the fabric and raise it together saying:  We lift our thanks to you! We thank you for…..and go round each child as they say something they are thankful for, as they lift the `parachute’ each time.
  • With the children sitting around in a circle, pass a stone around. As each child holds the stone they are asked to think of something they may need to say SORRY for and ask God to forgive them.
  • HOPSCOTCH PRAYERS: Draw out a grid with numbers 1 – 6 on the ground. Use a pebble or stone to throw into each number in turn. When it lands, the child must hop to each number in turn and on the number with the pebble, pray for the corresponding topic:
  1. Thanks: Say thank you to God for one thing today.
  2. Sorry/Forgiveness: Is there something the child needs to say sorry to God for and ask for forgiveness? For wrong words, actions or even attitude?
  3. Please: Think of the people of England, Wales and Northern Ireland and ask God to bless them, especially the children and the young people there today.
  4. Thanks: Think of two more things to be thankful for.
  5. Please: A prayer for their own family and friends today.
  6. Hope: Think of something they would hope for in the future.

Conclude with: Dear God, we thank you for keeping Anisa safe and giving her and her family a happy future. We pray for all the many children who have had to leave their homes and travel to new places to feel safe. Watch over them when they are sad or frightened and give them hope. We are sorry for the times when we have done things we know are wrong, the times when we have upset others by saying or doing things that are unkind. Thank you that, like a loving father and mother, you forgive us and help us to forgive others. Thank you that you give us hope for the future. Amen.

Source:  WDPIC

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