Prayers for Children

Children are eager to learn simple but powerful prayers; especially those with rhymes.  Thank you to Connie Rose for sharing a booklet that addressed prayers for children that inspired this article.

Please recite these prayers with your children, grandchildren and Sunday School classes so that they may become part of their everyday lives.

God is Good to Me

God is good to me

Although I am small.

God is good to me.

He hears my call.

God is good to me.

He holds my hand.

God is good to me.

He understands.

God in Heaven

God in Heaven

Hear my prayer.

Keep me in

Thy loving care.

Be my guide

In all I do.

Bless all those

Who love me too.


Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep

Now I lay me down to sleep

I prayer the Lord my soul to keep

May God guide me through the night

And wake me with the morning light.


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