Preparing for a 2021 WDP Service using a Full-Length Service Video for a Group

NOTE A:  The full-length service video is approximately 1 hour in length.

NOTE B:  COVID-19 precautions supersede any content or directions below that are to the contrary.

1. Become Informed: Read through the Worship Service booklet, country backgrounder, WDP grant summaries, and watch the Vanuatu country video. One committee member should be receiving monthly copies of the WICC e-newsletter: We-Connect.  The latter will help with any updates.  Become familiar with the theme:  Build on a Strong FoundationOrder /download/review materials using your Coordinator Login account.  Click here for Coordinator Login instructions.

2. Know the basics of a World Day of Prayer Service. WDP services have the following four components:

      • Prayer for the women of Vanuatu writing country.
      • Invitations to others to join your service.
      • An opportunity to donate.
      • Use of the WICC service booklet

3. The binder. Many communities have a World Day of Prayer binder with useful information that is passed along from one coordinator to the next.  Please get in touch with the 2020 coordinator or service location to see if such a binder exists.

4. Form a committee.

Invite others to get involved.  Gather your planning committee and their contact information.  Consider inviting people from other churches.

The planning team (names and numbers):

Service Coordinator/Chair:  _________________ #/email: _________________

Assistant Coordinator:  ____________________  #/email: _________________

Treasurer: ____________________      #/email: _________________________

Other 2021 WDP Committee Members:

__________________________        #/email: __________________________

__________________________        #/email: __________________________

__________________________        #/email: __________________________

2022 WDP Coordinator and Service Location: (Include this information on the evaluation form sent to WICC after the service.)

Coordinator:    _____________________  #: ______________________

**Email address: ________________________________________________

Location (church): _____________________________________________

5. Choose a date and time that best suits your community.

Date:  _________________    

Time:  _________________ 

Traditionally, World Day of Prayer is held on the first Friday in March.  March 5, 2021.  Communities may select a more suitable day for their areas.

6. Watch the full-length service video before you use it for a group.

 Note that the video contents include:

A.   Closed captioning in English for all speaking and singing content

B.    A message from the Vanuatu WDP Committee secretary

C.    A devotional message from Major Shirley King

D.   Background content on Vanuatu

E.   All the prayers, stories from Vanuatu women and Bible study from the 2021 service booklet

F.   Three hymns performed by a wonderful choir

G.   A children’s story

H.   A liturgical dance performed on the shores of New Brunswick

I.     An opportunity to reflect

J.    An opportunity to donate

K.   Pictures from past WDP services and celebrations across Canada

7.  This service can be accessed in a number of ways:

  1.  Downloaded using the Coordinator Login is found in
  2.  Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada YouTube and Vimeo link after February 15, 2021, available on the WICC website.
  3.  USB memory stick for the computer.
  4.  DVD.

8.  Assign roles for the service as needed: set-up (social distancing signs), readers, greeter, offering; discussion facilitator, collection counters for any cash or cheques and tabulators. Have a back-up plan (illness, etc.).  One committee member or the coordinator should be registered with Coordinator Login.

9. Recruit a technical person to help with any audio-visual aspects: Zoom;  USB memory stick or DVD usage,  Make a list of electronic equipment you may need for the service:   eg: laptop, DVD player. Test these out in the service location.

10. Make time to practice set-up. This can include testing Zoom calls.

11. Gather materials that you would like to use for any service table.

12. Create a welcoming space for your guests who gather in person in small groups. Provide clear passage routes for those using wheelchairs or assistive devices.  Note on any promotional material if your venue cannot be accessed by wheelchairs.

13. Music: The hymns used in the full-length recorded service will be familiar to many.

To abide with COVID-19 precautions, people may choose to hum along to music.

14. Give people an opportunity to donate during the service. COVID-19 precautions strongly encourage online donations. See the Donations sheet for additional information. 

15. Photographs and Video Recording: Let participants know if you will be taking photographs or recording. If they do not want their image to be shared, you might offer them a special tag to wear.

16. If you are unable to coordinate the service, please help choose/recommend a backup coordinator.  If this is not possible, check with other community churches to see who might step in and help, or call WICC.

17. Promote World Day of Prayer.

18. Submit an online evaluation form for your WDP service.  This form will be emailed to you in March 2021.

19. Reminder: Precautions regarding COVID-19 supersede directions/suggestions to the contrary in this planning guide.

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