February 1st, 2021 It is essential to follow the health guidelines in your area, especially when planning gatherings that include vulnerable people. Many parts of Canada are living with “stay at home unless it is essential to go out”. WICC is recommending online World Day of Prayer services this year for the safety of all… Read more »

Mental Health in 2021 – by Major Shirley King

The World Health Organization has defined good mental health as “a state of well being in which the individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively and fruitfully and is able to make a contribution to his or her community.” So, let me ask you,… Read more »

“Are you okay?”

The question caught the Duchess of Sussex off guard. She paused in her response to the question posed by reporter Tom Bradby in the fall of 2019. In the video of the interview (watch the clip here, at the bottom of this link): she seems to be searching his face and perhaps asking herself,… Read more »

Rooted in Faith, Called to Action – World Day of Prayer 2021 Grants

Offerings received through the World Day of Prayer transform our prayers into action in the form of project grants that empower women and children in our own country and throughout the world. All regions share in the grants, with consideration given to the greatest need. An application for a project grant will be considered from: Canadian organizations… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Questions and Answers

Question 1: Can print materials, only, be ordered for World Day of Prayer 2021? Answer:  No.  We have created standard WDP Packets that contain both printed materials and a video copy of our one hour service.  Click here for more details. Question 2: Can I order WDP items by mail and pay by cheque? Answer:… Read more »

Spices of Vanuatu Cookies

Adjust the spices according to your taste ½ cup margarine ¼ cup sugar 2 eggs 1 ¾ cups all purpose flour ½ tsp vanilla 1¼ tsp baking powder ⅛ tsp salt 1½ tsp ground ginger 1 tsp ground turmeric ¼ tsp ground black pepper ⅛ tsp ground cayenne pepper Place everything in a bowl and… Read more »

Domestic Violence in a Pandemic

Domestic violence is an abuse of power in the home which manifests in a myriad of ways: physical, sexual, financial, psychological and/or emotional.  The perpetrator is often an intimate partner and/or family member.  The abuser may use tactics of intimidation, harassment, threats, confinement, removal of the necessities of life, stalking, damage of property and withdrawal… Read more »

Thursdays in Black; Called to Proclaim

The 2016 13th World Assembly of the World Federation of Methodist and Uniting Church Women ‘’But, you are the chosen race, the King’s priests, the holy nation, God’s own people, chosen to proclaim the wonderful acts of God, who called you out of darkness into His own marvelous light’’. 1 Peter 2:  verses 9 and… Read more »

Prez Corner

I have always said that I love change – it is the transition I don’t like. Well, this is 2020 and COVID has moved us unwittingly and unwillingly, at times, through many transitions to new opportunities. It has put WICC on the fast track a few years ahead of schedule to the on-line presence that… Read more »