World Day of Prayer Grants – 2020/2021

2020 World Day of Prayer Grant Recipients plus Awakening and Emergency grants = $100,000   Location   Organization Project  Amount Kenya CAP (Canadian African Partnership) Network ON / Kijiji Cha Upendo Children’s Project Emergency COVID-19 Support for Orphan Caregivers in Kibera $5000. Malawi Change Her World, Stratford ON Pig Cooperative $3000. Zimbabwe Shamiso foundation, Lancaster… Read more »

World Day of Prayer Grants – Canada – 2019/2020

The Sonshine Society of Christian Community Service in Calgary, AB created an Experimental Therapeutic Group Program for 28 women with a $4,550 WDP  grant. Seventy-five percent reported reduced anxiety and depression, and increased confidence and self-regulating. A $1,000 WDP grant was given to the Inner Pastoral Ministry in Edmonton, AB.  This interdenominational Christian ministry works… Read more »


Donations are gratefully received as they are vital for maintaining World Day of Prayer and delivering the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada’s grant program. Anyone attending a World Day of Prayer service should have an opportunity to donate. **** ONLINE DONATIONS: We are encouraging online donations. This practice will assist with compliance of COVID-19 precautions… Read more »

Leaders’ Planning Guide for Traditional WDP Services

Click here to download this article in a pdf format to your computer. Leaders’ Planning Guide for Traditional WDP Services World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021                    Vanuatu                    “Build on a Strong Foundation” Thank you for coordinating World Day of Prayer 2021 in your community!  The planning steps have been consolidated for ease, and to reduce… Read more »

Preparing for WDP 2021 Small Group Services with Reading Roles

 Note:  Precautions regarding COVID-19 supersede directions/suggestions to the contrary in this planning document. Become Informed: Read through the Worship Service booklet, country backgrounder, WDP grant summaries, and watch the Vanuatu country video. One committee member should be receiving monthly copies of the WICC e-newsletter: We-Connect.  The latter will help with any updates.  Order/download/review WDP materials… Read more »

Thanksgiving Matching Donor Fundraising Campaign

WICC continually becomes aware of both Canadian and International projects which restore hope to women touched by injustice. In the spring of 2020, through WDP offerings, we funded $100,000 to related grant applicants. We would like to fund more, and so with much gratitude and great excitement, we announced a donor willing to match donations… Read more »

Racism: Black Lives Matter

John 7:24 says: “Stop judging by mere appearances, but instead judge correctly”. In the last sermon Martin Luther King Jr. preached before he was assassinated, he said “remain awake through a great revolution”.  We are seeing a great revolution today. Are we awake? Are we seeing that the killing of George Floyd started a worldwide… Read more »

ZOOM Events Hosted by WICC – Fall 2020

1. WDP Coordinators networking event on Zoom – Friday, November 13th at 3 pm EST A one hour gathering for WDP coordinators to receive service updates; learn how to access WDP materials, discuss various service delivery platforms, understand key people to contact for information and support PLUS have an opportunity to ask questions.  Coordinators are encouraged to… Read more »

Change: Old Roots Flourish in New Soil

Always an avid gardener, I was eager to transform the long-neglected property around our “new” 105-year-old home.  Exploration (excavation?!) of the tangled mess of weeds and overgrown vines revealed some unexpected surprises.  As I was removing rocks and miscellaneous pieces of stuff, I discovered some peonies, small and sun-deprived.  I carefully dug them up, and… Read more »