Book Review: The Right to Be Cold

The Right to be Cold: One Woman’s Story of Protecting her Culture, the Arctic and the Whole Planet Sheila Watt-Cloutier Hardcover, 326 pages Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Canada, 2015 Inuktitut (English) quimutiik (dog sled) qajaqs (kayaks) silatuniq (wisdom) anaanatsiaq (grandmother) saimuuq (handshake)  Kuujjuaq (Great River) qimutsiit (dog team) Qaniujaaqpait (system for writing Inuktitut syllabics) qallunaat (plural term for White people) amautiit (baby carrier for… Read more »

Bible Study: Exploring Light & Darkness

Though we are highly sensitive to gender inclusive language, we are often rather insensitive to our black/white and dark/light language. This was brought up at a recent WICC Council meeting by the chair of our Justice and Peace Committee. After having spent some time reflecting on this issue, it became fairly evident that she was… Read more »