International Fellowship of the Least Coin in Slovenia

International Fellowship of the Least Coin in Slovenia For the 37th Annual Meeting for the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Coin (ICFLC), representatives from Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America met in Slovenia from October 12 to 21, 2017. I felt the warm welcome and hospitality of our hosts, the women of… Read more »

A Spa for the Spirit, Our First 100th Anniversary Event

“Spirit Spa” Spiritual Retreat, Lewisporte, Newfoundland Our first celebration of WICC’s 100th Anniversary took place over a weekend in Lewisporte, Newfoundland. Lorraine Elliott shared her takeaways from the “Spirit Spa” organized by our council member, Rev. Stephanie McClellan. For all who attended this fantastic weekend, I thank you.  You were a blessing.  Sorry, I don’t… Read more »

Bible Study: The Joy of Justice

A Message from Our President The Joy of Justice   There is excitement in the air as we celebrate this 100-year milestone! There have been many changes in our world and in WICC over those years and there will be more changes to come. However, what will not change is WICC’s commitment to social justice.… Read more »

Taking Steps to End Violence Against Women

In this anniversary year, the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada (WICC) is launching a new section of its website titled, “Restore: Ending Violence Against Women.” Women in churches across Canada have been working in small and big ways to help women and children who are affected by violence. They have been doing this work for… Read more »

Human Trafficking in Canada: What You Need to Know

By Emily Pelley The history of global slavery is often a topic that is presented as a past wrong that belongs to less educated people and a shameful time in our history. However, it has become more evident over recent years that the eradication of slavery did not actually happen because slavery still exists in… Read more »

A Letter from Suriname

  To: The World Day of Prayer Committees Paramaribo, February 2018   The World Day of Prayer 2018 is soon to be celebrated around the world on Friday the 2nd of March. Suriname as the theme country is very excited and also humbled to be the centre of all your prayers. We enjoy and thank… Read more »

Sing all together now!

We commissioned Judith Snowdon, a WICC past president, to compose a hymn to celebrate WICC’s 100th Anniversary. Today, you can hear it and sing with us. If you are planning an event and wish to use the hymn, you can also download the sheet music. We thank the Pembroke Community Choir, Gerald LaRonde and Darlene TerMarsch for… Read more »

A Tale of Two Prayer Movements

  World Day of Prayer, AKA “WDP” International Body: The World Day of Prayer International Committee, headquartered in New York. Granting Body: In Canada, the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada. (Each country has its own structure.) The World Day of Prayer program is inspired by its motto, “Informed Prayer and Prayerful Action.” Through informed prayer we seek… Read more »

All God’s Creation is Very Good: Water

How we care for Creation is the central theme of World Day of Prayer 2018 Suriname. Water is of great concern for this nation so rich in biodiversity and resources. Most of the population of Suriname lives along its coast, also where birds and sea turtles nest. Floods and rising sea levels due to climate… Read more »