Ending Violence Against Women

Churches have an important role in ending gender-based violence.

Click here for Restore, a new, detailed tool for understanding and acting against violence.

WICC also offers a series of liturgy for use on December 6th, Canada’s “National Day of Remembrance and Action on Violence Against Women”. These interdenominational services are free and focus on remembrance and hope.

Download now:

The Light Shines in the Darkness (2015) – PDF, Word

A New Day will Dawn on Us From Above (2014) – PDF, Word

Heal Us, Strengthen Us and Renew Us (2013) – PDF, Word

Building Hope in Community (2012) – PDF, Word

Téléchargez une copie maintenant:

La lumière brille dans les ténèbres (2015) – PDF, Word

L’astre levant viendra pour nous d’en haut (2014) – PDF, Word

Guérison, force et renouveau (2013) – PDF, Word

Construire l’espérance pour la communauté – PDF, Word

Further Initiatives

Worshipping women

“Thursdays in Black” at the World Day of Prayer International Committee in Brazil, 2017

The Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada has updated its “Healing Waters” resource on gender-based violence. The new version, “Restore”, was recently introduced here.

Our WICC Council and Staff also support “Thursdays in Black”, wearing black in solidarity of ending rape and violence in our world. This grassroots movement is endorsed by the World Day of Prayer International Committee.

Join us with your own solidarity button.

For more about gender-based violence, please consult the Status of Women Canada website.