Thanksgiving Matching Donor Fundraising Campaign

WICC continually becomes aware of both Canadian and International projects which restore hope to women touched by injustice.

In the spring of 2020, through WDP offerings, we funded $100,000 to related grant applicants.

We would like to fund more, and so with much gratitude and great excitement, we announced a donor willing to match donations received before Thanksgiving! This means that your donation impact can be doubled 

 Here are some of the needs that we can address during these COVID-19 social distancing times via this fundraising campaign: 

1. Provide an exit from human trafficking; enable healing and recovery for victims of sexual exploitation. 


2. Healthy Food Production: Construction of Communal Gardens in small communities across Canada to address economic barriers to food access.  


3. Emergency COVID-19 support for AIDS Orphans and their caregivers in Africa.


4. Transitional housing and counseling support for victims of domestic violence. Funds are needed to adjust spaces and programs to comply with COVID-19 safe practices.  


5. Supporting temporary migrant workers during the pandemic. 


For quick and easy online donations, use the DONATE button on the WICC website (

Why not consider becoming a monthly donor or making arrangements for a legacy gift in your will? You can also mail a cheque to the WICC office at 47 Queen’s Park Cres East, Toronto, ON, M5S 2C3.

To make a donation with a credit card please call the office (416-929-5184).


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