The Solid Rock – Effects of the Pandemic & Connecting to WICC

It’s hard to believe it’s been a year since New Brunswick declared a State of Emergency and we went into lockdown. So much has happened in the past twelve months … we’ve been through disasters, tragedies, and unrest, learned to live differently and faced ourselves during isolation, witnessed beautiful moments and the best of humanity, innovated new ways of communicating, doing and being, and have grown spiritually and as a society.

As a contemporary dancer, one of the ways that I chose to explore and document my experience during lockdown was to create a daily 1-minute dance video, each exploring a different part of my house and my yard. I also created several other dance videos for different festivals and events during the course of 2020.

When I was approached by WICC to create a dance video for the World Day of Prayer 2021, I knew I couldn’t say no. To be able to offer up a dance in prayer during a time such as this would be an honour. I asked a few friends if they would like to join me in the project and they also replied yes without hesitation. Emma Blair’s and Noah Benoit’s arrangement and recording of the song “On Christ The Solid Rock I Stand” is full of life and hope. Marie-Luce Quéverdo’s camera work captures the majesty of the rock, the intimacy and reverence of the dance and the wonder of the elements.

The video was well received by WICC and I waited with anticipation to see the final World Day of Prayer service together with all of the elements. What I saw and learned from that service impressed me and surprised me. I admit I didn’t know much about WICC beforehand, and I was impressed by the ethnic diversity of its members, particularly of the past presidents of the Council and their participation in the service. I loved the focus on Vanuatu, the stories of the women from there, and how it was stressed that it was the women of Vanuatu that had requested the overall topic of the service: that Christ is our Solid Rock. I was also surprised at the number and huge variety of projects that WICC supports through its donations! I had no idea how involved and action-oriented WICC is. I am incredibly grateful and blessed to have taken part in this beautiful service with WICC.

This pandemic isn’t over yet, but working together, from different backgrounds and each with our different gifts, we will overcome it and become stronger because of it. I am hopeful in humanity’s resilience and creativity, and in God’s provision and ability to transform something that was meant to destroy into being used for good.

Jalianne Li
Contemporary Dancer and Multidisciplinary Artist
Member of Salvation Army Community Church; Moncton, NB



One comment on “The Solid Rock – Effects of the Pandemic & Connecting to WICC

  1. Roxanne Elke on

    Jalianne I loved your powerful and prayerful performance.
    It was beautiful to watch.
    We sang along with it at our service.


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