Travelling Faith Story

In these days, we are isolating more than travelling. As we move through the waves of COVID 19, let our faith remain steadfast.

Developing steadfast trust takes time. We may be born spiritually through simple, childlike faith that receives Jesus as Savior. Convictions are then nourished by a growing knowledge of God. Our confidence deepens. Experiencing God’s protection, provision, and power in moments of testing strengthens our beliefs.

Daniel is a good example of this. Each time his loyalty was tested, he chose to depend on God. (Daniel 6:16)

Manoah’s wife quickly and insightfully encouraged her husband with words of faith after a visit from an angel.  Their promised son Samson was born, and was blessed by God.  (Judges 13: 2-8)

Hebrews 11 lists other examples of obedience as critical to steadfast faith. Noah, when warned about things not seen, obeyed God and built the ark. And at the Lord’s direction, Abraham left home to go to a place not yet known to him.

The wise women of Abel-Bethmaach entreated Joab to find a peaceful solution when he was prepared to destroy an entire city because of one guilty man, saving many lives. (Ecclesiastes 9:18; Samuel 20:18)

Knowing and trusting God through Jesus, experiencing God’s presence, and living obediently are the elements needed to develop an unshakeable faith. In John 6:29,  Jesus answered that “the work of God is this: to believe in the one he has sent.”

Wherever we go, let us continue to bring our faith with us.  Be confident in God’s love for you, and spread the word of Christ.





Janet MacFadyen; WICC Communications Specialist

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  1. Shirley DeMerchant on

    Thanks Janet for your words of encouragement from faithful men and women in the Bible who faced their own crises with trust and confidence in the Lord.


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