Words of Comfort

Some years ago, I was on a flight during which there were turbulences.  It was a bit unsettling so I began to pray.  As I prayed, I remembered the scripture (Matthew 8:23-27) when Jesus and his disciples went into a boat. As Jesus slept, a storm swept over the boat, the disciples woke Jesus, asking him to save them because they were afraid.  Jesus responded, you of little faith, why are you so afraid, then he rebuked the winds and the waves.

The past year has been difficult for all of us, and like the disciples, there were times when we were fearful, and even felt isolated, lonely, and wondered when the pandemic would end.  Just as the faith of each disciple was being tested, so too was our faith.  We may have asked ourselves…where is God when so many are dying?  God was and still is with us as in this global pandemic…and, something wonderful was happening… people began to reach out to others, openly supporting essential workers, charities…and perhaps realizing that everyone matters, that everyone is important, that we are all connected, and that God had heard individual prayers, and those of congregations, and was working through scientists to develop vaccines.  As Jesus calmed the storm, he also calms our fears with the arrival of vaccines, showing us that he was present, listening to us in the storm and darkness of the pandemic.

While the pandemic has prevented us from personal gatherings, it has also been a time of reflection on what is important in our lives, perhaps our spiritual relationship, realizing that in the end, when it seems that we are weary of waiting, God guides us from darkness to light.

Prayer is a sacred time of communicating with God, not just when we need him, but to maintain our relationship with him.  Faith is believing without seeing, trusting that God walks with us, and hears us.

In this time of change and uncertainty, I pray that we will continue to walk in faith, knowing that the sacrifice that Jesus made is for all and that we are not alone.  Soon, by God’s grace, we will be able to return to normality, but let us not forget to give thanks to God for watching over us, even when we are unaware.

Blessings to all,

Savitri Rose

Toronto WIC


Picture source: businessinsider.com



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