World Day of Prayer 2020 – Zimbabwe – Evaluations

There was a tremendous amount of feedback for World Day of Prayer 2020.  Thank you, Coordinators, for filling out the yellow evaluation forms.  We know that many of you had busy, busy days preparing and leading services! If you haven’t sent in your evaluation form yet, we still need your feedback and the 2021 WDP Coordinator information.

A.  Here’s what we learned:

The service was really enjoyed by those who organized and attended.  We received comments like …

  • “It was a great service.”
  • “The materials were excellent and self-explanatory.”
  • “The shortened version of the service was appreciated by our retirement home.”
  • “We must never give up on sharing this outreach.”
  • “Website was helpful. Thanks!”
  • “…not reaching the younger people…”
  • “I couldn’t get a speaker so we played the devotional video instead – it went over well.”

The LARGE font size that we introduced this year for the service bulletin was a big success along with the simplicity of directions for leading services.

B.  Making sure resources are easy to access

We will provide clear directions to the hymn suggestions and recipes on the WICC website.  They will also be posted on Facebook in case that is a social media site you read.

There were 15,617 visitors this year to access free World Day of Prayer resources on the world-day-of-prayer/coordinator-resources page on  We are so pleased that most of you are connecting with us online. Over 3,800 people checked out the WDP service location map on the WICC website to find a nearby event!

All materials that are free to access will be clearly outlined in the coordinator’s kit that arrives in the fall. If your Coordinator doesn’t have access to a computer, this is a great time to work with someone in your community who can help. What a great way to introduce others to World Day of Prayer.

Next year:

We need an email address for all WDP Coordinators so that we can communicate more easily with everyone and you don’t miss any resources or announcements of special training or events.

C.  Expressed goals within individual communities:

  1. Increase the number of younger people who attend services.
  2. Invite more churches to participate.

D.  Let us all:

  1. Add WDP into conversations throughout the year with friends, relatives and neighbours to increase our outreach.
  2. Continue to prayer for Zimbabwe as we prepare for WDP 2021 – Vanuatu.


2 comments on “World Day of Prayer 2020 – Zimbabwe – Evaluations

  1. Jeannette Filthaut SP on

    Thank you for this follow-up connection. The WDP at which I presented this March was the last large gathering I had been at. I was most grateful to access information from the website that assisted me in my reflection for the gathering.

    Thank you for the ongoing great work. This is always one of my favourite gatherings with other women and men of different faith groups. I had them for many years in Edmonton AB and now I am living in Kingston ON.

    Blessings and Gratitude,
    Jeannette Filthaut SP


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