World Day of Prayer 2022 Service Video

The video link above is available for you to view anytime. 
If you would like to watch it with others, you are welcome to join a NATIONAL WDP 2022 service on Saturday, March 12th at 1 pm EST. Click here to register and join us on Zoom

Each year, since 1927, a different host country has prepared the content of the World Day of Prayer service, highlighting its country’s culture and regional justice issues. The 2022 service was written by the England, Wales and Northern Ireland World Day of Prayer Committee and adapted for use in Canada by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada. Viewers from all over the country will be able to virtually unite in prayer and action.

6 comments on “World Day of Prayer 2022 Service Video

  1. Margaret (Peggie) Dickie on

    I am looking forward to being able to watch and listen to World Day of Prayer. I will be 96 when the service will be on the computer. I have attended the services most years if able and enjoyed the services prepared by different countries. Thank you.

  2. Batoto Siva parfaite on

    Merci pour cette initiative de prière, moi je suis à l Est de la RDC à Goma précisément, je me suis dis qu’il il est aussi mieux de m associé à d autres personnes qui croient en un changement positif de la prière car avec les situations de guerres permanentes, les situations de crises politiques la vie de prière est un secours

  3. Marnie Rawlinson on

    Such a beautiful and faith-filled service,thank you for allowing us to be united in prayer through this
    service. I have attended many World Day of Prayer services throughout the years and I always find
    God speaks to us of God’s plan for us as United Women expressing our faith and love for all women
    around the world.We are brought to a closeness and solidarity in Christ. Thanks for making this possible
    through this pandemic as God’s Blessings continue to flow.


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