World Day of Prayer 2024 Alternatives to Gathering in Large Groups

Given that some churches, communities and individuals remain cautious about gathering in person for World Day of Prayer 2024, please consider these options:

  1. The 58-minute service video, produced by the Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada, can be watched at home, or via Zoom with others, or via local TV stations. The video can be downloaded from for FREE.  Community TV stations broadcasting this recording can be found at  To buy a copy of the video, go to and order a USB stick.
  2. During a Zoom or Facebook Live meeting with others, participants can take turns reading the various speaking parts in the WDP 2024 service. For a print copy of the service, please download it from (after first registering as a Coordinator).  Add other resources from as desired. This could include the music recordings and the devotional message.
  3. Gather via Zoom to discuss the service after watching the video individually.


Donations can be simple this year. People are encouraged to donate to WDP through the WICC website:

People can mail a cheque directly to the WICC office, 47 Queens Park Cr E, Toronto, ON M5S 2C3. Be sure to include your mailing address (if it is not on the cheque) so we can send a tax receipt.

Your support is needed to provide World Day of Prayer services in Canada, and to fund our grant program which helps women and children affected by social injustice issues in Canada and beyond.

One comment on “World Day of Prayer 2024 Alternatives to Gathering in Large Groups

  1. Irène Brouillette on

    Would You please insert our celebration in your agenda this year and in the future. We organise one each year in bilingual French and English in Sherbrooke Québec with St George Church in Lennoxville.
    Thanks for your attention, Irène Brouillette


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