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♦If you are no longer the World Day of Prayer Coordinator for your area, please quickly pass this letter on to the person who is and let our office know about the change.

If there is no Coordinator for your area, please tell us that too.

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November 2, 2020

Hello World Day of Prayer Coordinator 2021

 The World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021 program was written by women in Vanuatu with the theme, “Build on a Firm Foundation” based on Matthew 7:24-27.

The country of Vanuatu is a group of over eighty islands located in the South Pacific, east of Australia.

Yes, There Will Be World Day of Prayer In 2021 Including a service video option!

 World Day of Prayer Coordinator is an IMPORTANT role.  We need your help promoting the service video and online worship service with your planning team and area churches and telling others about the World Day of Prayer options for March 2021.

We are happy to bring you some exciting changes this year:

  1. We have a new Coordinator Login on the WICC website. You will need an email address to register. If you do not have an email address, please recruit a friend or relative or church member who is willing to share theirs and receive information about WDP.  Register now to receive email updates, WDP events on Facebook and Zoom, and answers to your questions   Click here for Coordinator Login Instructions.
  1. The World Day of Prayer service has a copyright that prevents us from sharing it with the public on the WICC website. The Worship Booklet and PowerPoint service will be available to you as resource files when you log in as a coordinator.  Also look for posters, music, recipes, hymn suggestions, a devotional video message, and much more.  All resources are available to you to download for free.
  1. You can also order a WDP packet which includes printed materials and a USB memory stick with a full-length video service, country background video and music for $15 through our online store. The same packet with a DVD instead of a USB is available for $20. WDP packets will be shipped in the New Year. Please order as soon as possible so that we can be prepared. In light of economic uncertainty, WICC has adopted a very conservative financial plan this year. Therefore, we are providing standard packets (videos and printed materials for 5 people) instead of custom printing and shipping for 2021.
  1. Don’t miss the online events and prayer times to gather coordinators and friends together via Zoom. All coordinators are strongly encouraged to register for the second event scheduled for December 11th.  Watch the events page on our website ( and join today.


Everyone’s Health is the Top Priority for 2021!

 It is really important that any World Day of Prayer events follow the latest health guidelines and protocols in your area for COVID-19.  WICC is encouraging the pre-recorded WDP Canada service to simplify your planning and include those who are not able to attend in person. Some areas may be able to arrange the technical support to meet and watch the video service online. Others may be allowed to have a small group to watch the video service together. Many of us will watch the service in our homes.


We Are Here to Support You

 If you need assistance with the Coordinator Login, or any other aspect of World Day of Prayer, please contact your WDP Field Rep:

Field Rep Area                                  Field Rep                             Email Address                                   Telephone

BC, AB, SK, YT, NT, NU                   Linda Ervin                                    250-493-5333

MB, ON*, QC, NB, PE, NS, NL       Cathy Tubb                                       416-450-1027

*Toronto, ON                                  Janet MacFadyen                647-515-7770

Or contact the WICC office administrator, Nancy Weir, at 416-929-5184 or

Thank you so much.  We deeply appreciate your time and talents in support of the World Day of Prayer.

Thank you


Catherine MacKeil

Executive Director WICC


Other Changes for 2021

  • Coordinators will no longer use service tracking numbers to communicate with our office. Your WDP order will be linked to your email address.
  • There is no printed Order Form this year.
  • Instead of ordering an exact amount of Worship Booklets, WICC is shipping standard packets for a small group. You are allowed to make extra copies if needed. This helps reduce cost and paper waste at a time when many churches are not using bulletins.
  • The full-length video service has closed captioning.
  • There is no CD – the music and country video are available online free of charge. As well, the country video and music are included in the WDP packet.

We join together in a worldwide movement of informed prayer and prayerful action for peace and justice despite the pandemic while keeping everyone safe. May God’s spirit of creativity flow through you in this unprecedented time.

 Getting Ready:

  •  Join Facebook Live PRAY NOW events on the 1st & 3rd Fridays of each month; 1 pm EST Register for the Coordinator Network event via Zoom on Friday, December 11th at 3pm EST. Go to, click on GET INVOLVED & then click on “See more” for EVENTS. Scroll to the event of interest.
  • Learn more about ZOOM: Is a member of your church family a Zoom expert?
  • Access the Leaders’ Planning Guide files found in the coordinator resources (website).

Click Here to download this Coordinator Letter to your computer.

2 comments on “World Day of Prayer Coordinator Letter

  1. on

    I only received the WICC letter with the WDP info last Friday and missed the event on the same day.
    What did I miss? Can you fill me in?
    New to coordinating this event.

    • catherine.mackeil on

      Hi Petra
      We have scheduled another event to repeat the WDP Coordinator Network training. See for further details and register to join.
      Hope to see you there.


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