World Day of Prayer Grants – Canada – 2019/2020

The Sonshine Society of Christian Community Service in Calgary, AB created an Experimental Therapeutic Group Program for 28 women with a $4,550 WDP  grant. Seventy-five percent reported reduced anxiety and depression, and increased confidence and self-regulating.

A $1,000 WDP grant was given to the Inner Pastoral Ministry in Edmonton, AB.  This interdenominational Christian ministry works with inner city people who struggle with poverty.  15-20 women attended monthly, supportive gatherings where relevant scriptural reflections were shared.

The Oasis Society for the Spiritual Health of Victoria, BC is a not for profit group that works primarily with vulnerable Indigenous individuals.  A $2,000 WDP grant helped facilitate a retreat for eight women with stories of homelessness. Key goals were to build self-esteem and reduce the need to medicate.

In Quinton, SK, a one day human trafficking event was organized by the Recreation Community Association, partly funded by a WDP grant of $2,000. 150 people learned to recognize red flags of human trafficking that target Indigenous women and children in the community.

A $2,000 WDP grant was given to the Sandy-Saulteaux Spiritual Centre in Beausejour, MB.  35 people, including 5 youth and children, gathered for the “Mamawe Ota Askihk – Sharing Life Together Here On Earth” festival.  The donation provided travel bursaries for the most northern participants.

Carmen UC in Manitoba was given a $1,800 WDP grant to help support free, capacity building community suppers hosted at their building by various ministerial groups. Participants really enjoyed the extra fruits and vegetables, and milk which the grant allowed the organizers to add on a consistent basis.

A $4,850 WDP grant funded a new computer and printer, food, tables and general support for Dignity House.  On average, 8 women transitioning from the trauma of human trafficking and other forms of exploitation came to ten recovery meetings held by this safe house in Winnipeg, MB.

The Oakland United Church in Corner Brook, NFLD received a $850 WDP grant to purchase toiletries for women who seek shelter in Transition House.  As well, funds went towards supportive counselling and a social afternoon for the clients to help them build relationships.

A  WDP grant of $3,500 was provided to St. Andrew’s, Alliston, ON to help establish sustainable, affordable and accessible tutoring for struggling elementary school aged children. “BrainiACTS” was initiated because of bullying situations for two students who were underperforming academically.

Father’s Heart Healing Ministry in Arthur, ON  was given a grant of $2000.00 for Beauty for Ashes Transformation House (BATH), a residence for women exiting human trafficking, the sex trade and addiction. The purpose of the program is to help stabilize the women with care and therapy.

Young moms in Bolsover, ON were given the opportunity to gather, exercise and pray on a weekly basis at St. Andrew’s Church.  A WDP grant of $1350 was used to purchase yoga mats and other exercise equipment to encourage participation.  An average of 10 women met weekly for the first session offered.

The Beginnings Family Services Care Centre in Guelph, ON was provided with a $1,000 WDP grant to support its Care Cupboard. Over 250 families each year are provided with free diapers, formula, baby wipes and more.

Nelson House, a transition residence in Ottawa, ON, was given a grant of $4,000 to introduce kid friendly activities to 46 children, and self-care activities to 38 women over a 6 month period.

WDP grant funds of $1,600 covered the cost of professional IT skills in order to make the Justice Storytelling Quilt accessible on The Church Council on Justice and Corrections’ website (Ottawa, ON).

Aurora House is a transitional home for survivors of human trafficking, providing wraparound case management. A WDP grant of $2,000 was given to its founding partner, Toronto United Mennonite Church, to help this facility extend their support to two years for mothers with babies.

Mothers in Mind, organized by the Child Development IF, is a mother/young child  group program with outreach in ON, AB and Australia.  68 traumatized mothers and 75 children benefitted from a $1,000 WDP grant that helped moms connect with their children in a playful, supported environment.

A $5,000  WDP grant helped fund small business initiatives for 20 refugee women and survivors of trafficking in Toronto, ON. 80% transitioned from the FCJ (refugee centre) into self-sustaining living situations.

The Filipino Christian Fellowship developed a Caregivers Mentoring Program using a $4,000 WDP grant to empower 60 immigrant caregivers to maintain their dignity and spirituality and to provide practical assistance to their families as they immigrated to Canada.

The Neighbourhood Table organized by St. Philip’s Lutheran, Toronto, ON seeks to address food insecurities and foster community among newcomer families.  A $1,000 WDP supported mom-focused programming, centered on nutritional education and budget-conscious healthy food.

International WDP Grants 2019- 2020

A WDP grant of $5,000 to MULTIPLY, a project established in Angola, helped set up businesses for 13 women to promote economic sustainability. As well, it helped set up a visitation program with 24 widows taking care of orphans. This initiative was inspired by James 1: 27.

Crossroads International and their Burkina Faso partner, CBDF, worked with vulnerable girls, most of whom were not in school, and parents and leaders to create safe spaces for adolescent girls to obtain and discuss information regarding early and forced marriages. World Day of Prayer grant amount: $5,000.

Kijiji Cha Updendo Children’s Project in Kibera, the largest slum in Nairobi,  was assisted with a $5,000 grant to provide small enterprise management training to 17 women caregivers with established home-based businesses. Additional microloans enabled 15 women caregivers to start new industries.

A $5000 WDP grant to We Care Foundation, NL,  helped the Church of Brethren in Nigeria assist girls who were victims of the Boko Haram militant insurgencies.  One year full scholarships to 20 girls at the Women Training Centre Kwarhi were provided.

The Canada Africa Community Health Alliance teamed with the Lake Victoria Children’s Organization in Tanzania to create an income-generating, self-sustaining seamstress cooperative and maize mill using a $4,500 WDP grant. Sewing machines and a generator were purchased.

A WDP grant of $5,000 was given to Impact Zambia’s International Team from Canada to help provide counselling, “Life Impact” training, and an opportunity to celebrate.  Impact Zambia has been helping rural churches and communities to flourish by providing leadership and skills training for 25 years.

Rayjon Share Care of Sarnia, ON received a $3,000 WDP grant.  Through the Momma Does/Mamá Hace Project, they partnered with ASCALA to provide legal services, health care and education to some of the most marginalized communities in the Dominican Republic.2020 World Day of Prayer Grant Recipients plus Awakening and Emergency grants = $100,000

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