World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021

World Day of Prayer Service Options for 2021

Given that COVID-19 may restrict options for gathering, we ask you to consider a number of safe ways to celebrate World Day of Prayer 2021 – Vanuatu.

  1. Watch, as an individual or in groups, a full-length service video featuring participants from across Canada.

This one hour recording includes all sections of the World Day of Prayer 2021 Service booklet, greetings from Vanuatu WDP committee secretary – Cindy Vanuaroro, a devotional message by Major Shirley King, music by the First Baptist Moncton Choir and closed captioning.

This service can be accessed in a number of ways:

  1. Go to the Coordinator section of
  2. Women’s Inter-Church Council of Canada website ( between February 15, 2021 and September 30, 2021.
  3.  USB memory stick for the computer.
  4.  DVD.
  1. Gather via Zoom and assume the various speaking roles in the WDP 2021 Service booklet. Recruit an individual who is comfortable setting up Zoom calls.
  1. Gather in smaller groups at home to read through and discuss the service. Abide by any precautionary measures that local health authorities have put in place to ensure safe practices.

The group can read through the service booklet and supplement it with other WDP materials such as the 7-minute video on Vanuatu and/or 8-minute devotional video and/or music provided by Vanuatu and/or familiar Canadian hymns.  All of these are available via download and/or tangible copies (print, USB, DVD) using the Coordinator Login.

  1. Gather in churches for a more traditional service with readers, and abide by any precautionary measures that local health authorities have put in place to help ensure safe practices.

Please note any physical distancing requirements, seating capacity for church, safe practices for singing, avoidance of communal food, protected use of microphones, access to hand sanitizing or hand washing stations, safe ways to donate, and careful ways to greet each other.

Details on how to plan a traditional service are available in a separate document.

Click here to download this document in a Word Document to your computer.

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