World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021 Vanuatu Feedback

Evaluation forms were sent out to via Survey Monkey to over 700 organizers of World Day of Prayer 2021 Vanuatu services in Canada.

Thank you for sharing your feedback.  Your commitment to this informed prayer movement is inspiring. Look to our next We-Connect edition for a related report.

In the meantime, we want to share some heartfelt notes on the full-length video service sent by mail and email to the WICC office.

  • “The video… was very interesting and inspiring. The singing was uplifting after a year of no singing in our church.”
  • “WDP video was excellent. Really enjoyed the music. Great to have participants from across Canada. Shirley’s devotional message was very good.” 
  • “The presentation of the country of Vanuatu was very well done in this world of COVID-19. Very moving!”
  • “I just watched the WDP service on my TV with the USB. It was so great, thank you, and I felt like I was surrounded by a great cloud of faithful people in the world. Very moving. Really liked the voices, singing and dancing.” 
  • “Just wanted to say that this year’s WDP service was, by far, the most spiritually connecting for me (and I have been part of over 15 years of WDP services).  I could feel God’s presence while watching the video with 40 other Zoom participants. I felt a connection with the host country and with women in prayer across Canada.  Kayla was fantastic – nice to see the presence of youth.”
  • “What a marvellous presentation of this 2021 World Day of Prayer written by the women of Vanuatu!!! So many churches in Canada were involved in making this presentation. I loved the children singing “Halle”. And then at the end to see the pictures of the different for each Province was a lovely final touch to the presentation.  Thank you for all your hard work to put this programme together for us. Truly remarkable!!!” 
  • “We just finished watching World Day of Prayer on YES TV……thank you so much for going the extra mile during these uneasy times…The solid foundation that WICC was built on, still stands firm. The whole worship service, pictures, music, etc. was amazing and lifted us this day.”
  • “Thank you for this blessing! I was delighted when I found it on the WDP website today and enjoyed following the words on screen and in my order of service booklet. It was lovely to hear from the women of Vanuatu themselves, as well as women from all around the world.” 

3 comments on “World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021 Vanuatu Feedback

  1. Rev Marg Murray on

    I co-edit a monthly newsletter for United Churches in County of Oxford, Ontario. The following piece is from our March 10, 2021 edition page 8 which also included screen shot of some of the participants who attended our Zoom gathering. As noted the participants included other denominations. A sincere thank you to all those who helped make it happen. Truly the spirit was moving. Marg

    Oxford Gathered for the World Day of Prayer (WDP) 2021-Vanuatu
    It was fun and meaningful – an unforgettable Zoom gathering for an excellent WDP service! 47 people gathered from across Oxford (Harrington, Kintore, Brooksdale, Huntingford, Embro, Innerkip, Hickson, Hebron, Etonia, Princeton, Norwich, Burgessville, Woodstock, Curries, Oxford Centre, Eastwood, Ingersoll, and Tillsonburg) and Stratford to celebrate with the writer country Vanuatu and our brothers and sisters across the world. At least 17 congregations (United, Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, Baptist and others) were represented.
    We chatted about Vanuatu’s education system, motto ‘In God’, difficulties for women and vulnerability of islands in the ocean. We also sought local prayer requests. During the service, we even had Bible Study (Matthew 7:24-27, build your house on rock not sand) with breakout groups! Special recognition to Rev. Doug Peck and Kintore and Brooksdale United Churches for graciously hosting us and to Doug’s daughters Adele (9 yrs.) and Naomi (6 yrs.) who provided tutoring for the breakout groups! Major Shirley King of Salvation Army, Toronto in her devotional message encouraged us to build our lives on the foundation of love as shown by Jesus and to dig deep to have a firm foundation.
    Thank you to all who attended and helped to spread the word.
    A glimpse of the joy shared in this service is evident in these screenshots of the 37 participants remaining after the virtual service was completed.

    For those of you who missed this opportunity, the video is still available

    Donations can be made on the website of the Women’s Interchurch Council of Canada and their WDP Grant program. Or by text (647) 953-5557. Or by cheque payable to WICC, 47 Queen’s Park Crescent East, Toronto, ON M5S 2C3 MM

  2. Betty Milne on

    The WICC presentation was well done, Thank You to all involved. Our congregation used it as the service so we had more people view the service than would have been involved at a community service.
    The information from the presenting country is always so interesting. We are so fortunate to have WICC making these services available to the world. Thank you.

  3. Erika Friesen on

    I had a chance to watch and participate the service with the German Lutheran Church(St Georg, Toronto) than my niece sent the service from Weissach/Flacht/ 🇩🇪. It was full of the Holy Spirit. They enacted how it’s in Vanuatu, the food they eat, the work that is done and the songs they sing. Beautiful! Well planed ahead of time, praise be for that. Thank you 🙏


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