Service Locations

Where is your nearest World Day of Prayer service?

Ask your local worship leader for details on your community’s service. Due to the restrictions of COVID-19, WICC is unable to advertise service locations for 2021.

It is really important that any World Day of Prayer events follow the latest health guidelines and protocols in your area for COVID-19. WICC is encouraging the online WDP service to simplify your planning and include those who are not able to attend in person. Some groups may have the technical support to meet online. Others may be able to assemble a small group to watch the online service together. Many of us will watch the service in our homes.

Further details of the online service link will be posted in January 2021.  Stay tuned!

Please Note: This map shows each city/town/village registered for a 2020 World Day of Prayer service. It does not show the specific address where the service will take place.

Help – How to Find My Area?

To Zoom: Click the +/- signs in the bottom left corner to zoom in or out. You can click and drag on the map area to move the area shown.

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To Search: View larger map (above), then click the magnifying glass on the top mid-left of the page. Type in your city. Either a pin will appear (meaning your city does have a service), or you can click on the link and see if there are any pins nearby on the map.