Our Partners

Partner Denominations

As explored in “Who We Are“, our team is rooted in ecumenism: dialogue and collaboration between different Christian denominations. We appreciate our commonalities and the unique perspective that each group brings to the table. Together, we represent the diverse body of Christ seeking to bring hope to those touched by injustice.

The following denominations are represented on the WICC council:


The Anglican Church of Canada * (* signifying an appointee) logo

The Anglican Church of Canada*

Canadian Baptist Ministries logo

Canadian Baptist Ministries

Roman Catholic


Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada logo

Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada*


The Presbyterian Church in Canada logo

The Presbyterian Church in Canada*

The Salvation Army logo

The Salvation Army*

The United Church of Canada logo

The United Church of Canada*

*The denominations with an asterisk have selected and appointed their representative on the WICC Council. The other groups are represented around the table through elected members.